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Why Buy Mediterra Breads?spacer
The Flavor. Our bread is infused with flavor that lingers long after the loaf is gone.

The Crust. There is no substitute for real crust. Every loaf of Mediterra Bakehouse bread is baked on a stone hearth in our steam-injected ovens to make sure you experience real crust.

The Ingredients. Less is more. The ingredients to creating the finest bread are few. For the most part, flour, water and salt are all we use. That being said, our ingredients need to be the finest available. Our flours are unbleached and unbromated—and many are organic. Our water is filtered and we only use sea salt. When other ingredients are called for we make sure they are the best.

The Time. There are no shortcuts to greatness. We adhere to centuries-old baking techniques, letting our bread develop slowly to get the complex flavor. Unlike commercial bakeries that use heaping amounts of yeast to hurry things along.

Our Standards. We put our bread where our mouth is. At the end of the day, if you don't enjoy our bread as much as we do, we want to replace it.