Now introducing Sunny Flax Keto Bread, for bread lovers striving to live a healthier lifestyle. 


This high protein, low carb keto-friendly bread alternative boasts 12g of protein per slice, and just 5g of carbs. Like all of the breads here at Mediterra, Sunny Flax is all natural, and made with zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. For this reason, any slices not eaten within three days should be kept frozen. 


Our keto bread is moist, delicious and satisfying, with the same rustic flavor you’ll find in any of our other breads. Try it as the base for your breakfast sandwich, or toast it and top with your favorite nut butter or fruit spread.


Topped with sunflower, sesame and flax seeds, our Sunny Flax Keto loaf is a perfect (and delicious) bread alternative for those following a low carb, keto lifestyle.


INGREDIENTS: Keto wheat flour (vital wheat gluten, wheat protein, King Arthur unbleached flour, wheat fiber, whey, sunflower oil), water, corn oil, sesame seeds, flax seed, sunflower seeds, sea salt, yeast, white vinegar

Sunny Flax Keto Bread

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