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We've grown our bakehouse with the same simplicity and integrity we use to craft our artisan breads: with quality ingredients, attention to detail, and tradition.



The 2023 Market Season is over, but here's where you can expect to find us next season!


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Mediterra Pittsburgh Artisan Bread Bakery, dusting flour onto handshaped naturally fermented loaves of bread before being placed in a hearth oven.


In 2002, Nick Ambeliotis founded Mediterra Bakehouse in Pittsburgh, PA.

From it's inception, our artisan bread bakery has been focused on quality ingredients and time-honored techniques. We source ingredients locally as often as possible and naturally ferment each and every loaf to ensure nutrient retention and the best possible flavor.
A breathtaking view of a wheat field with Mediterra Bakery's organic farmer Noah Hiscox  holding a bunch of harvested wheat stalks, showcasing the beauty and bounty of sustainable agriculture.
A photo of an artisan baker using a wooden bread peel to pull steaming hot round loaves of rustic bread out of a hearth oven.


In 2015, we partnered with farmer Noah Hiscox, and began growing our own wheat on 35 acres of land in Coolidge, Arizona. We practice sustainable, organic farming methods like irrigation ports, and avoid the use of pesticides.

Our homegrown grains are then milled in-house using a natural barre granite stone mill. Today, we proudly utilize at least  15% of our own organic heritage wheat flour in every loaf.
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